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Financing for Legal Fees

Most medium and small-scale law firms desire growth and prosperity but it is only a few that have the required working capital to be able to handle effectively increased caseloads or even extended settlement payments required by the court of law. This leads to a process called Factoring which is able to solve this particular problem. Factoring is a legal procedure where the law firm engages in the purchase and sale of accounts receivable, which is the legal fees in this case. This purchase and sale happen at a discount at a near time of settlement or at the time of settlement itself and this can help to solve issues with billing the working capital for law firms. There are various steps to consider in the factoring process and we will discuss them briefly below. Check out for more info about arrest relief here.


Mastering fee purchase arguments is the first step when it comes to the factoring process. This agreement is executed by specifying the terms and conditions under which the legal fees will be purchased. These terms of argument include minimum and maximum amounts, advance rates, fees and rebates. This applies to various kinds of ongoing concerns such as entrepreneurship, fictitious business name statement or other documents that you filed with the local government agency, if your firm is a professional corporation or limited liability company, the authority of the stamping of the document and also there must be a copy of the page of your malpractice insurance policy. Secondly, submit the fee purchase using the factor's submission forms or processes. The documentation required in this case include a copy of the client fee agreement, a copy of the settlement or judgment, are must be signed document by the defendant, a must be signed document by the insurance company or other payers and also a letter of instruction from their attorney to the payer directing them to the correct factor payment bank. Thirdly, is the process of acceptance which occurs when you receive your advance and it is therefore at the sole discretion of the defendant expert the discount agreed in the master fee purchase agreement. This involves a wire transfer directly into your checking account. Fourthly, is the payment process where the payer sends the necessary checks to the factor from which amounts are credited to your account as received. It is important to note that every factor has its own rules, differences and ideologies. Even so, the whole process of factoring is essential in the growth and prosperity of law firms and should be an important factor to consider when it comes to legal fee financing.

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